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development of if high strength steel with fine grain

development of if high strength steel with fine grain

(PDF) Facile route to bulk ultrafine-grain steels for high

Feb 11,2021·Facile route to bulk ultrafine-grain steels for high strength and ductility.February 2021; Nature 590 structure with a fine grain size o f 800 ± .400 nm. TWIP steels development Application of High Strength Microalloyed Steel in a New The prior austenite grain size (AGS) of steel T3 is 105 µm which corresponds to an ASTM grain size number 3,and the AGS of steel T4 is finer with an ASTM grain size number of 4~5.The finer grain size is due in part to the combination of Al and N in the steels.Strength in these steels is derivedAustenitic Grain-Size of Steel MetallurgyInherently fine grained steel resists coarsening up to its grain coarsening temperature and then,abruptly increases rapidly its austenite grain size,so that at sufficiently high temperature,its austenite grains may be even larger than that of inherently coarse grained steel.These coarse grains do not get refined in subsequent slow cooling to A1.

Author Junheng Gao,Suihe Jiang,Huairuo Zhang,Yuhe Huang,Dikai Guan,Yidong Xu,Shaokang Guan,Leonid A.Publish Year 2021Development of High Strength Pearlitic Steel Rail (SP Rail

Development of High Strength Pearlitic Steel Rail (SP Rail) with Excellent Wear and Damage Resistance NKK TECHNICAL REVIEW No.86 (2002) 2 is refined,and the hardness and wear resistance are im-proved.The lamellar spacing in the state-of-the-art heat-treated rail is as fine as about 0.1m,which is nearlyAuthor Takaaki Toyooka,Motoaki Itadani,Akira Yorifuji,Mitsuo Kimura,Yoshikazu Kawabata,Masanori NishimPublish Year 2001Facile route to bulk ultrafine-grain steels for high Feb 10,2021·Bouaziz,O.,Zurob,H. Huang,M.Driving force and logic of development of advanced high strength steels for automotive applications. of ultra-fine grainedCited by 17Publish Year 2009Author Hai-long Yi,Lin-xiu Du,Guo-dong Wang,Xiang-hua LiuDevelopment of Fine-Grained,Low-Carbon Bainitic Steels Development of Fine-Grained,Low-Carbon Bainitic Steels with High Strength and Toughness Produced Through the Conventional Hot-Rolling and Air-Cooling

Cited by 1Publish Year 2011Author Ji Xiang Gao,Xin Ping Mao,L.J.LiHigh-strength quenched and tempered fine-grained steels

The grades of the aldur&Q series are water-quenched and tempered,high-strength,weldable fine-grained structural steels.Main applications are welded structures subjected to extreme loads,e.g.in crane and vehicle manufacturing,for steel construction,in pressure vessel and pressure piping systems.The steel grades are supplied in three groups:Cited by 29Publish Year 2008Author Debalay Chakrabarti,Claire Davis,Martin StrangwoodRecrystallization-based formation of uniform fineuniform fine-grained austenite structure before polymorphic transition in high-strength steels for Arctic applications Pavel Layus1*,Paul Kah1,Alexander Zisman2,Markku Pirinen1 and Sergey Golosienko2 Abstract Background Growing demand for materials suitable for Arctic marine constructions necessitates the developmentCited by 2Publish Year 2003Author Koh Ichi Sugimoto,Akira Hayakawa,Shunichi Hashimoto,Shushi IkedaDevelopment of Udimet 720 for High Strength Diskhigh strength P/M disk alloys.The production of fine grained U720 billet by use of the VADER (Vacuum Arc Double Electrode Remelt) process offers the potential to produce large disks from a cast-wrought high strength superalloy.Introduction U720 is a high strength corrosion resistant nickel base superalloy

Cited by 2Publish Year 2003Author Toshiaki Urabe,Takeshi Fujita,Yoshihiko Ono,Yuji Yamasaki,Yoshihiro HosoyaDevelopment of high strength and ductile ultra fine

Apr 15,2013·Ultrafine grained (ufg) ferritemartensite dual phase (dp) steel was produced by cold rolling microalloyed ferrite/pearlite steel and intercritical annealing at 760 °C for 2 min.The ufg dp VNb MA steel has a yield strength of 865 MPa and tensile strength of 1640 MPa with a high work hardening rate and an uniform elongation of 7%.An improved combination of strength and strain hardening is obtained in ufg dp VNb MA steel compared with the tensile properties of ufg dp steelsCited by 3Publish Year 2016Author Sanjay Kumar Dhua,Partha Pratim Sarkar,Atul Saxena,Bimal Kumar JhaDevelopment of Bimodal Grain Structures in Nb-Containing Aug 01,2008·Bimodal (mixed coarse and fine) grain structures,which have been observed in some Nb-containing thermomechanically-controlled rolled steel plates,adversely affect their mechanical properties by causing scatter in cleavage fracture stress values.It is known that bimodal grain structures can develop during reheating prior to rolling; however,no quantitative predictions of the level of Cited by 50Publish Year 2013Author M.Papa Rao,V.Subramanya Sarma,S.SankaranDevelopment of High Fatigue Strength Ultra-Fine Grained This new steel features a grain-refined structure achieved by controlling recrystallization with reverse transformation.The developed steel has a composite structure consisting of a rolling induced martensite structure and a recrystallized austenitic structure by reverse transformation having an average grain size kept to within 1 ~ 2 m.When this material is applied to a cylinder head gasket,fatigue strength

Cited by 7Publish Year 2002Author Hiroyasu Yokoyama,Shinji Mitao,Mineyasu TakemasaDevelopment of High Strength Low Alloy TRIP-Aided Steels

Development of High Strength Low Alloy TRIP-Aided Steels with Ultra Fine Grain p.1469.A Novel 1500MPa Economic High Strength Steel p.1475.Effect of NbC Distribution on Mechanical Properties in IF High Strength Steel with Fine Grain Structure p.1481.Development of a Fire Resistant High Strength Low Alloy Steel for Construction DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH STRENGTH QUENCHED ANDDEVELOPMENT OF HIGH STRENGTH QUENCHED AND TEMPERED SEAMLESS PIPES The technological evolution in the offshore sector exhibits a trend towards an increasing use of high strength steels.However,when increasing strength toughness is impaired.The results of studies on measure the grain size,even for microstructures as fine as bainite Development of Fine-Grained,Low-Carbon Bainitic Steels Cu-B-added steel was found to give an optimum combination of strength,YS-575 MPa,and toughness,114 J at 253 K (20 °C).Thus,fine-grained,low-carbon bainitic steels could be developed with a proper combination of alloying elements and thermomechanical parameters even by air-cooling.

Development of Fine-Grained,Low-Carbon Bainitic Steels

Dec 01,2016·Cu-B-added steel was found to give an optimum combination of strength,YS-575 MPa,and toughness,114 J at 253 K (-20 °C).Thus,fine-grained,low-carbon bainitic steels could be developed with a proper combination of alloying elementsDevelopment of IF High Strength Steel with Fine Grain Oct 27,2003·2003-01-2769.New type of IF high strength steel (HSS) has been developed by hybridizing the grain refinement and the supplemental solid-solution hardening.Grain refinement was achieved by the fine distribution of carbide under the appropriate combination of the higher carbon content near 60ppm and niobium.Although the grain refinement is an effective method to improve theDevelopment of Micro-Alloying Ultra-Fine Grain High Based on the characteristics of raw materials in EAF-TSCR,the composition of VN micro-alloyed was designed,the processes of the steelmaking,continuous casting,soaking,rolling,cooling were controlled,and at last the VN Micro-alloying high strength steel with ultra-fine grain was developed.

Development of Nb-V-Ti Hot-Rolled High Strength Steel

Jul 01,2009·The strength of developed 700 MPa hot-rolled high strength steel is derived from the cumulative contribution of fine grain size,dislocation hardening and precipitation hardening.The fine grain strengthening and precipitation hardening are the dominant factors responsible for such high strength,and good elongation and toughness are predominantly due to fine grain ferrite.Development of Ultra Fine Grain Steel Tube with High Mar 05,2001·Development of Ultra Fine Grain Steel Tube with High Strength and Excellent Formability 2001-01-0093 Kawasaki Steel Corporation has developed a new steel tube making process which includes warm-reducing after the electric resistance welding of steel strip.Development of a High-Strength Ultrafine-Grained Ferritic Oct 17,2012·Abstract.Development of a High-Strength Ultrane-Grained Ferritic Steel Nanocomposite ROOHOLLAH RAHMANIFARD,HASAN FARHANGI,ABDUL JAVAD NOVINROOZ,and SAMIRA MONIRI This article describes the microstructural and mechanical properties of 12YWT oxide-dispersion- strengthened (ODS)-ferritic steel nanocomposite.

Grain Size and Its Influence on Materials Properties

coarse grain size while finish machining favors fine grain size.The effect of grain size is greatest on properties that are related to the early stages of deforma-tion.Thus,for example,yield stress is more dependent on grain size than ten-sile strength [2,3].Fine-grain steels do not harden quite as deeply and have less tendency toHigh-strength and ultra-high- strengthTechnical terms of delivery for heavy plates alform&high-strength February 2017 3 The high-strength steel grades alform plate 620 M,alform plate 700 M and the ultra-high-strength steel grades alform plate 900 M x-treme,alform plate 960 M x-treme and alform plate 1100 M x-treme are thermo-mechanically rolled fine-grain structural steels with High-strength thermomechanically rolled fine-grain steelsTechnical terms of delivery for heavy plates alform high-strength June 2008.3 alform 700 M,alform 960 M alform 700 M and alform 960 M are high-strength,thermomechanically rolled,weldable fine-grain structural steels with good cold forming and bending properties.alform 700 M and alform 960 M are produced via the LD-route.Production process

IOP Conference Series Materials Science and

Due to their high strength and toughness,fine-grain steels are used,among others,in the field of steel structures and in mobile crane construction with the aim of reducing the weight and increasing payloads,[1].Considering the requirements in these applications,the development of fine grain steels isIssue No 15 - Grain Size and Material StrengthGrain Size and Material Strength (continued) Most metal manufacturers will attempt to keep grain size to a minimum when manufacturing materials for use in electrical connectors.A fine grain size will certainly improve the yield strength and stress relaxation resistance of the finished product.Smaller grains will also generally improve the Microstructure and mechanical behaviour of ultra-high Abstract.Fine-grained AISI 4140 steel with ultra-high strength and substantial ductility are obtained by combining warming rolling (WR) and cyclic quenching (CQ).The prior austenite grain size of WR+CQ processed steel is about 55 m,as compared to 124 m for the direct quenching (DQ) processed steel.The microhardness of DQ processed steel and WR+CQ processed steel are similar and fluctuate

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The applications mentioned above specifically require the development of improved high strength and yet ductile and damage tolerant steels.Most traditional hardening mechanisms,however,such as solute solution,dislocation multiplication,or precipitates,albeit leading to high strength,often may cause a decrease in ductility,i.e The significance of softened HAZs in high strength These routes have been successful in producing very fine-grained steels in the laboratory.Subsequent welding tests have shown that these steels exhibit softened HAZs to varying degrees and microstructures and hardness changes as affected by changes in welding process and procedure have been investigated.

UDC 669 .14 .018 .25 - Nippon Steel Corporation

various manufacturing proc-esses of units.In particular,the developed steel proved to prevent the grain coarsening at 1,323K high temperature carburizing.1.Introduction Carburizing is widely applied to the components of an automo-bile drive system such as gears,shafts and bearings to enhance their fatigue strength and wear resistance.Waelzholz High-strength steel strip with complex formabilityThis dilemma often hinders freedom and flexibility when it comes to design and construction.The solution is high-strength steel strip based on micro-alloyed fine-grain steels.Due to the high-strength of this steel an additional heat treatment after forming is not needed.Welding of HSLA Steels - TWIThe development and use of high strength low alloy (HSLA) steels has been driven by the need to reduce costs,the higher strength compared with a conventional carbon-manganese steel enabling thinner and lighter structures to be erected.The majority of these steels are to be found in structural applications; offshore structures,yellow goods,buildings,shipbuilding etc.Tensile strengths of up to